"I loved that the vet said there was nothing wrong with Strawberry.  I liked the office and examination room.  I got to teach my daughter to take the puppy to the vet.  Also the vet and vet tech were nice."

"I felt that Dr. Ackerman had time to examine Lilly fully; she wasn't rushed.  She was very cautious with treatment and careful making decisions.  Very kind.  Also, everyone was so kind, and asked about Lilly's progress."  

"Everybody was nice and knowledgeable.    I am very happy with service.  Thank you all."

What did you like best about your visit? 

"The friendliness of the staff and the true caring nature of everyone."

"Everyone/Everything was super polite and accomodating!  ​Thank y'all!

"We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful TLC you gave to Penny during her surgery, recovery, and then as her health declined.  You were all wonderful to her and to us.  Blessings to all of you."  

"Warm and friendly.  I liked meeting Dr. Ackerman."  .

What are folks saying? 

"All explanations of our cat's care were explained so that they could be understood."  

Animal Medical Center 

         (229) 377-2060

If you liked the service you received, please tell your friends.

​                                                       If you weren't delighted for any reason, please tell us!  

Daisy and Bandit said "Thank you for taking such good care of us.  We don't mean to get hurt we just love to play and run.  No one makes us feel better than all of you!!"

"Very professional and very prompt with service.  Thanks!"

"Thank you for the care and compassion you all showed to us over the years.  Our pets deserve the best... and that's what they got."