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Young animals, middle aged, and senior pets each have different nutritional needs to maintain optimal health as they grow and age. No single diet meets all needs; choose one that targets your pet's life stage.

​Pets with medical problems such as bladder stones, kidney or liver disease, sensitive stomachs, obesity, and more, benefit from prescription diets.
We carry Hill's Science diet because of their consistent high quality, value, and specific formulas for specific needs. We can help you make the best choice for your fur baby.

Microchipping- This quick, simple procedure could actually save your pet's life if he winds up away from home, lost, or at a shelter and is especially important during times of disaster.  Knowing that you can be contacted and your pet returned to you if this happens will give you peace of mind.  It's also proof-positive that this is YOUR pet, if there is ever a question. 

Your time-  Most of all,  your pet needs you.  Spend some time with her every day, so you can enjoy each other's company!  You'll be more aware of needs and enjoy the unquestioning love and loyalty that your pet gives in return.  Play with your kitty; take your dog for a walk, or your horse for a ride!  That's what it's all about.  

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Vaccinations- Most of the viral diseases that threaten the health (and even the life) of our pets are preventable, with proper and timely immunizations. In dogs, parvo and distemper are the contagious diseases we see most often. Feline Leukemia, FIV, distemper, and upper respiratory viruses affect cats. Horses can contract Encephalomyelitis and West Nile viruses, tetanus, and more.  Rabies affects most warm blooded animals, and is 100% fatal.

All these diseases are preventable with proper vaccinations.  We will tailor your pet's vaccination program according to its needs, risk factors, age, and history.

Parasite control-Our pets are plagued with a variety of parasites, both internal and external, that annoy, cause illness, or even death. Heartworm, flea and tick prevention in cats and dogs is much easier, safer, and less costly than ever.  Proper diagnosis and treatment of internal parasites will make your pet's life sooo much better and prevent human exposure as well.

Routine Blood Work- Our furry friends age much faster than we do. Well-patient bloodwork gives us a more comprehensive view of your pet's health and is part of a good physical exam.  We can catch early signs of medical conditions that may not be obvious on the outside. Many conditions can be managed or cured much more easily if caught early.  When bloodwork is normal, you have peace of mind and we have a baseline for future reference. 

Nutritional needs- Each species has unique nutritional needs. This means that dogs shouldn't eat people food, and cats shouldn't eat dog food... (You get the picture).  We recommend a high quality pet diet, formulated for your pet's life stage and any special needs.  

Safe environment- Pets are just like toddlers, and need to be protected from harm in much the same ways.  It's best to keep your furry friend indoors as much as you are able.  If you can't do that all the time, a fenced yard for your dog is essential to keep him safe from injuries from other animals and cars. Shelter from the elements is also required.  Keep the Toddler Principle in mind when checking your home for hazards as well, and keep dangerous things out of their reach.

Spay and neuter!  We can explain all the reasons (there are many) why this is best for both your pet and you.

Our goal is to help your pet live a long and healthy life!  Our Well Patient Care program is designed to prevent illness and maintain good health. 

As they say, an ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure!

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