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We provide digital Coggins test papers, which include photos of your horse for quick and definitive identification.  

We tend to see more colics in the winter season so make sure your horse drinks plenty of water.

Regular deworming will help  prevent colic due to parasites.

Hoof care is very important for horses. Split hooves or long hooves could result in injuries

and discomfort. Regular Farrier visits are recommended.

DYK horse owners are now Microchipping? Bad storms could damage fencing and horses could get loose. Be sure they can make it back home. Ask us about a Microchip!


Recommended Farriers

We make house calls, especially for our horse owners.

Our mobile unit is stocked with equipment and supplies needed to fill most horse care needs. You can also make

an appointment to bring your horses to our hospital as well.

House Calls

Digital Coggins

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