We offer obedience classes from time to time at our clinic. Here is one of our groups previously.

Leigh Ann offers puppy lessons and obedience classes, including Canine Good Citizen and Pet Therapy dog evaluation and certification. She also goes to your home for personalized evaluations and training sessions, as well as providing help with problem behaviors you may be having with your dog.

For details on Leigh Ann and a schedule of her upcoming classes, go to her website at:


or call her at: 229-233-4420

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Dr. Ackerman & Lucy

Leigh Ann

We are partnered with dog Behavioral Therapist and Master Trainer Leigh Ann Falconer. She has been with Bark Busters (who are internationally recognized experts) since 2007.
We highly recommend that all dogs be taught good manners and social skills!
​We can advise you with housebreaking tips and common behavioral issues with
both cats and dogs during your office visits.  

At home dog training that has a guaranteed lifetime support!

Pet Behavior & Dog Training