Jane Lange 

Jane has always been an animal lover and brings her skills caring for all kinds of pets to our team and your beloved pets.  She has helped with animal rescues, including orphaned wildlife, for years in addition to having pets of her own.  She and her husband of 53 years, RJ, have a son and four grandsons in Florida and a daughter and three more grandsons in Thomasville.  Jane loves walking in the woods, working with her flowers, and helping others with home improvement and remodeling projects.  She and RJ share their love and attention with their sweet dog, Talle.   

Loretta has always had a love for animals, and here at Animal Medical Center she gets to put that interest to work by helping care for your furry friends as Dr. Ackerman's assistant.  She has over 4 years experience as a kennel tech in Monticello fl and looks forward to growing in this field here at AMC. On her days off work Loretta loves to spend time with her family, which includes daughter Indie, three chaotic cats, Gemma, Pumpkin and Fancy, and one sweet Siberian Husky, Mister Mayhem. 

Julee Whitehead started as a volunteer and moved up quickly to Kennel Tech and Assistant.  She was raised around animals, from exotics to household pets, and they have always sparked her interest and held a special place in her heart.  She hopes to use her new experiences with us in her future career in veterinary medicine.  Julee will make sure all pets have a clean, safe environment while they are with us.  She loves nature and enjoys a good laugh.  

Danny Hendrix is the Team Coach for AMC. He works with us through his company, TeamMaker. With over 25 years in Christian ministry, Danny has learned to be a good listener. His passion is to make the AMC team its best!
Danny is the blessed husband of Heather, who teaches third grade at Shiver School, and the proud father of Hyatt, Truett, & Ellis.

Leslie Turvin

Liz Carter

Our Veterinarian, Staff, and Furry Friends: (left to right)

We welcome you to our Animal Hospital!

Front Row:  Dr. Ackerman, Amber Dorpinghaus with Hooligan, and Liz Carter

Back Row:  Danny Hendrix, Bonnie Smith, Lori Ashe with Fly, Loretta Croy, Leslie Turvin,

                  and Jane Lange with Little Man 

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Dr. Ackerman
and Mikey

Lori Ashe

Lori Ashe has over 30 years of grooming experience and can turn your scruffy pet into a runway model! Her work is beautiful and she has a wonderful touch with all kinds of animals. Lori has also taught our Canine Obedience classes here in the past. Her family includes a Potbellied pig named Mia Ham, Toot and Fly, her Agility Papillons, "B" the Golden Retriever, Grady the Lab, two horses, seven chickens, step-daughter Hannah, and last (but not least!) husband Duane. They live in a farmhouse in Whigham and participate in Rendezvous events where people relive the lifestyle of Colonial times. Lori enjoys participating in Agility and Dock Diving competitions and is doing splendidly! Toot is an Agility Champion with both UKC and AKC, and Fly is following close behind in her pawprints.

Bonnie Smith

Bonnie takes care of the bookkeeping and business needs of the practice and sometimes fills in as receptionist also. She and her husband, Rickey, have two daughters, Jennifer and Kerri, who are still close by. Both have children of their own, and grandsons Justin, Jakson, Jaken and Jesse along with granddaughter Jemma are the lights of Bonnie's life! Occasional orphaned birds, puppies, or kittens are her extended family. Doodle Bug is her most famous pet; he came to our office after being abandoned and near death in a dumpster. Bonnie's TLC saved him, and he has turned into a happy, healthy member of the family. 

Janet L. Ackerman, D.V.M.

Dr. Janet Ackerman opened Animal Medical Center in 1986, with the goal of promoting the health and well-being of companion animals and horses. She has two adult sons, who both grew up in FFA.  Jared now works in the agriculture industry and Dustin is a firefighter and EMT. Dr. Ackerman has two cool horses- Breeze and Mikey (who love to go trail riding).  She has bred and raised Australian Shepherds, Dachshunds, and Labs in the past and presently has a mixed-breed rescue dog named Hooligan.  Never was a dog more aptly named! Outside the office, Dr. Ackerman enjoys nature photography, trail riding, hiking, fishing, home improvement projects, and scuba diving.

​Loretta Croy

Animal Medical Center

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Julee Whitehead

Liz came to us from Tallahassee where she acquired four years of experience working in the field of veterianry medicine as an assitant at a large practice there.  She strives to educate clients and give the best care to our patients.  She has a rescue dog named Captain that she adores.  Liz is continuing her education at ASU and SGRTC as a sonographer.  Outside of work and school Liz enjoys traveling and outdoor activities.  

Leslie was born and raised in Cairo and brings many years of experience in the field of veterinary care to our team.  She works at the front desk as receptionist and helps out everywhere needed.  She and her husband, Eddie, have two sons; both attend Shiver.  Kyle sings in the chorus and older brother Carson plays football with Cairo's Recreation Department.  Leslie's fur babies are Tinkerbell the Chihuahua and Rubble, the Shi Tzu cross.  She enjoys spending time with her family during her free time.


Amber Dorpinghaus

Danny Hendrix, Team Coach 


Daisy, along with her two littermates, was left in a box on our doorstep one cold winter night in January, 2012.  She quickly endeared herself with everyone at the office and made herself right at home.  She continues to amuse us with her antics and curiosity!  There's no telling where you might find her.  She's friendly to dogs and seems to help a lot of them relax while they are here for care.  Her two littermates also found excellent homes with our staff members. Yay!

By the way, Daisy Mae (being the trendy cat that she is) has her own Facebook page.  Check it out and Like her!

Amber has loved animals since the time she was born.  Horses and dogs are among her favorites, but she's had all kinds of pets.  She started her life's dream of caring for animals right after finishing high school and loves socializing with and helping animals in need.  She enjoys bottle feeding kittens, puppies, and squirrels and has babysat opossums, dogs, chickens, goats, pigs, horses and more!  She lives with her loving husband, Daniel, and two rescued littermate cats, Vai and Zee.  Amber can't wait to meet you and your furry family members!