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Animal Medical Center

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Dr. Bess Darrow is an amazing equine dentist. She makes the trip to our area from time to time and has provided expert dental services for our equine patients.  Please call us or reach her at www.equinetunesups.com if you have a horse and would like to schedule a thorough dental exam and care.  We'll sign you up for her next trip.  Dental care truly is as important for horses as it is for our pets and ourselves!  


From time to time we offer a fun activity for our community and we call it Walk With a Dog Doc.  We include a Microchip Clinic and various activities to help raise funds for local animal rescue groups.  Our most recent one went great!  We were blessed with nice weather and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Leigh Ann Falconer had a practice Agility course set up, and several participants enjoying letting their dogs try them out for fun.  Two dogs from Second Chance Animal Rescue was there as well.  The surprise Walker was Splash, Dr. Ackerman's miniature horse, who also needed to do some work on his waistline.  He made lots of new friends!   Save This Life microchips were also provided at a discount.  Listen out for the date of our next Walk, get free treats, and join the fun!

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